About Us

Thomas Cardillo Plastering has been a family run company since its inception in 1990; however, our history extends far beyond our company's second generation.

In 1954, Mariano Cardillo, an Italian immigrant and an expert mason, started a plastering and stucco company with his sons. With hard work and exceptional quality, the Cardillo's owned one of the biggest commercial plastering companies in Connecticut. After a lifetime of working and learning from his father and brothers, Thomas Cardillo started a company specializing in high-end residential and commercial plastering.

18 years after TCP was founded, the same craftsmanship, considerate customer service, comprehensive project and site management, and thorough attention to detail has been prevalent to our success.

As we combine traditional techniques with modern materials and technology, we are creating stronger, longer-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing plastering systems, adding beauty and value to homes and buildings.