Thomas Cardillo Plastering specializes in traditional plaster systems for residential and commercial applications.

The majority of our applications are three-coat portland cement stucco systems, incorporated with acrylic finish coats for use on the exterior of a building. We also specialize in three-coat gypsum and veneer plaster systems for use on the interior walls and ceilings of a building.

With these two systems, the variation of finishes can be endless. From rough-aged finishes to polished Venetian plasters, our experience allows us to give our customers exactly what they want, no matter the style.

Having proficient knowledge of not only today's materials but also the materials used over the last century allows us to be involved in the difficult restoration projects throughout Connecticut. We have restored the plaster systems in schools, churches, libraries, and municipal buildings, as well as older homes and office buildings.

The principals at Thomas Cardillo Plastering are constantly educating themselves on all of the new products and techniques on the market. We are continuously developing new ways to improve the look while saving you time and money without taking away from quality.


Stucco and plastering is more of an art than a common practice in our modern building environment.

The knowledgeable staff at Thomas Cardillo Plastering will take the time to work with builders, architects and homeowners to educate and deliver the best, most-efficient stucco system for your project. We have been creating new innovative systems that maximize value with as little maintenance as possible.